The Designer’s Toolkit

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Today’s infographic takes you into the offices of 180 creative professionals to see what apps they have open. Small sample size notwithstanding, the results are educational. From word processing to storage to email– there are usually clear winners. I completely agree on Gmail, though I’ve never harbored much affection for Google Docs. What apps do you swear by and why?


The Evolution of the Internet – 1996 vs 2011

The Internet’s role in education today is integral to educating the populace, and occasionally the ubiquity of the Internet’s reach is taken for granted.
So much can change in 15 years. In the world of tech, this is doubly true. Rarely does the year 1996 seem more distant in our rearview mirrors than when we take a look at the state of the Internet in that era. It’s immediately recognizable: the bad fonts, the spinning gifs, and all manner of regrettable web design. But that isn’t to say that we don’t look back on it fondly. Indeed, we came of age on that Internet of long ago. But that’s not to say it isn’t a relief to see how far we’ve come. Not only has Internet penetration and use skyrocketed in a mindblowing fashion since those days, but it’s become a much, much more pleasant experience. The only thing we really miss? The fact that the University of Michigan’s website used to be in the top 10 in users reached!

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