IB CS Summer

August 19th, 2019 – Rough Draft
     Still to come: examples of past projects as well as IB exemplars and a couple of project seed ideas


I hope everyone has had a great summer and ready to get to work having some fun learning Computer Science!

The basic learning outcome for the summer or before-school begins task is to three concrete workable ideas for an IA project for the school year.  Moodle will be available within the week to enter the information before school.

We will be starting the year with an in class activity to work on acclimatizing ourselves to using existing tools and environments for projects. Then we will move immediately into a Design Charette to work through the concepts of the design phase. At that point the two year and one year class will have different IA schedules.

In IB CS SL the difference between the two year program and the one year programs is that the two year program allowed in-class hours for the IA project as well as teaching some of the other topics with hands on projects completely in class.  The one year program will work on the IA project primarily outside of class and will strive to keep a project based approach using a shorter, quicker format which focuses on material be reviewed ahead of time outside of class and labs done in class.

The final project will appear on Moodle, the outline is here:

Develop 3 concrete ideas / proposals for an independent project where the programming time takes approximately 15 hours. For each idea include the idea along with only ONE single illustration of the final product ( a home screen / selection screen / calculation screen, the title screen), FOCUS on 3 levels of projects, although 3 similar projects as a SAFE level are fine. The three levels are: 1)  SAFE (I know I can build this, I see an example in a previous assignment, IB exemplar, or Interview Q&A prototype build), 2)  FUN (this would be cool and not to far out of my league, small size, but an area I would really like to explore- either programming or content area) 3)  COOL (wow, this would look awesome and continue beyond this project).

Things that can narrow your focus on your project. You will need to have an actual client. You will need an external Mentor for development guidance, traditionally this is programming. Your idea has to have an algorithm more than simply writing and reading records. Don’t get overly concerned about the last one.

Examples/Suggestions to appear shortly.

Have fun, see you soon!