Objective:  To introduce the concept of scaling an application and complete installing WordPress in the cloud.

There is more than one reason to install on a cloud platform.

Completion Artifacts:

Email me TWO screen captures.

USE GoogleDrive not drag-n-drop for update privileges.  I only want ONE email.

Please name the files LastName_BitnamiControlPanel and LastName_WPSite.

The first screen capture presents a running BitnamiControlPanel, the second (and it can be tricky) is your Demonstration WordPress site.  Feel free to modify it with you own choice of themes, plugins, and content.  Focus on presenting today’s topic “Scaling Applications”, image sites acceptable.

Discussion of Scaling


Raspberry Pi

WordPress Stack on WAMP (or MAMP)


Bitnami Stack of WordPress on Desktop


Setup Bitnami Cloud WordPress application


Setup a new Chrome User


Would WordPress on Raspberry Pi be faster or slower than WAMP?  Under what conditions might you use a Raspberry Pi?

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